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By: Magda van Wyk

10 000 bottles of milk!




Consol Glass, the largest glass packaging manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa recently celebrated its 70th birthday. To mark this occasion Consol embarked on a campaign that saw over 10,000 bottles of milk delivered by a milk man to pre-selected areas in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The campaign brought back memorable moments of an era gone by, with various personalities sharing their memories that resonate to a time when the milk man delivered milk in glass bottles.   

These included 94.7’s, breakfast show host and comedian Darren Simpson who mentioned that the delivery brought back memories from when he was a child and visited a dairy farm. “I remember how it tasted – wholesome and real! And back in those days milk only came in glass bottles, and you knew that the milk was pure because it came in glass.”

The campaign was a huge success with many people sharing images of their special deliveries on social media. 


Additionally many prominent South African publications were also sharing images of their special delivery, which included Elle Décor, Living and Loving as well as online influencers such as technology analyst and business researcher Arthur Goldstuck and bloggers from various industries .

The campaign took place over a six week period and ended on 07 September, however, the memories of the activation will certainly last a lifetime.   


Highlights of the campaign include: Over 2,700 people received milk during the campaign with an additional 3240 receiving nominations to receive milk

  • Over 500 media people received milk during the campaign
  • The campaign reached over 65,000 people on Twitter and 117,948 on Facebook
  • The benefits of glass were once again highlighted. Consumers were reminded that the best things come in glass including the benefits of  health and environmental
  • Over 10,000 bottles were delivered during the campaign


The hugely successful campaign may have concluded, however, it has been one that has had a meaningful impact and to this end highlights of the campaign have been captured in a video featuring everyday South-African’s who received their special delivery and captures the feelings evoked by the #BringBackPure  campaign  which can viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0EYTuvy-uU

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