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Low-carb Coconut pops

Who needs  a cake pop when you can have a coconut pop right? I’m pretty much obsessed with coconut, all my favorite treats contains coconut; Coconut ice, Bounty bars, Niki’s, Coconut wheels, Toasted coconut marshmallow’s…and the list goes on and on! …I’ll convert them to Low-carb versions soon, just you wait and see. I’ve made […]

Gluten free Muesli, that you’ll love!

Making your own gluten-free muesli is so easy. For a low-Fat diet option – Try Parmelat’s Fabulite fat-free yogurt with no added sugar, which is low GI and diabetic friendly. For a low-Carb diet option – Enjoy it with your favorite full fat Greek yogurt and a sweetener of choice with added berries. Have a healthy breakfast! Magda van […]

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