Meal plans

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Need to lose weight or gain lean muscle? Don’t know your TEE, REE, BMI or Macro ratio to reach your goals. Get your own customized meal plan today. Eating healthier doesn’t mean you will be living of steamed fish and broccoli unless you are competing in the next Miss Fitness or Bodybuilding competition soon.

What you need is;

  • A meal plan that takes into account the amount of weight you need to lose/gain in a specific time frame.
  • A meal plan that excludes the foods you can’t tolerate.
  • A meal plan that makes provision for your dietary restrictions.
  • A meal plan that caters to your choice of diet, low-carb or low-fat.
  • A meal plan that’s enjoyable and easy to follow.
  • A meal plan that’s flexible enough to feed your family from it too, no separate meal cooking!


Let us show you how to create your own delicious meals with a comprehensive list of foods that you can swap around and still stay on track. Each meal plan also includes a 7-day menu to make it super easy to follow.

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Cost per Meal plan – R400.00 for detailed Macro tracked 4-Week meal plan and food list.ย 

You will also receive your login and password to access our meal planย App for free.


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