Personal Training

Bethal, Mpumalanga clients can now enjoy personal training presented by a certified personal trainer, Magda van Wyk and Gym Instructor Ryan Pieterse.

Using a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you make to reach your health and fitness goals.

Why do you need a personal trainer?


You’re new

Save yourself a lot of time, money and injuries by getting the expert advice you need to train safe with the correct form and within your limits. With me as a certified personal trainer, you can be assured of getting quality coaching and the best service possible. 

You need an ultimate exercise buddy

Face it, it’s so much better working out with someone next to you. Bending, lifting and pushing becomes much easier when you have a friend at your side that will motivate and encourage you through each set.

We have an objective eye

We all have areas we need to focus on a little more than other areas, personal training gives you the advantage to train according to your goals.

We are better then mirrors

You can watch yourself in the mirror to check your form, but with personal training, it’s even better when you have someone beside you to tweak it while you work.

We keep pushing your limits

Just when you are about to give up you will be told to hold it or give it 10 more! And what do you do? you do it! and are all the better for it.

We hold you accountable

It’s easy to skip the gym, your workout or crash your diet when you’re not accountable for it. Personal training sessions will keep you on track, focused and goal orientated all the time.

We keep you from plateauing

There is always a new workout to keep you having fun and seeing results!

We keep count

You get to focus on your technique, form and getting the actual work done while we do the counting!

We love to see you sweat

All that huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning are all indicators that we are doing our job!


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