4 Week Ladies Beginner Program

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Welcome to MFitness Bethal Gym!

Simply fill in the form below, verify your email address
and you will be sent a link to download your FREE 4 Week Ladies Beginner Program

How to download your free 4-Week Ladies Beginner Program

Complete the form on the top of this page by entering your name, surname and email address. We hate spam and would never give out your email address. 

After you have entered your name and email address submit it by clicking on the purple “Give me my 4 Week Beginner program” button on the form. 

You will receive a verification email that will be sent to the email address you have entered in the form above. 

Check your email, also check your spam folder.  You will receive a verification link in this email that will lead you back to our website enabling you to download the free meal plan. 

Click on the link, you will be redirected to our website. 

Click the button and your Meal plan will download automatically to your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Important:  You can only use your email address once to subscribe for the free download. Once you have received your verification link you can download it multiple times from the same email though. 

If you have any trouble contact us via email at gym@mfitnessbethal.com or mfitnessbethal@gmail.com to assist you from our side. 

Enjoy your download! 



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