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By: Magda van Wyk

Successful woman exercise daily

What does Michelle Obama, Martha Steward, Oprah Winfrey, Se-ri Pak, Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry all have in common? Although success might have been guessed, the truth is that there is a bigger commonality among them. They have a very powerful morning routine that includes physical activity.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, everything! See successful people value their health and so should you. As a business owner, entrepreneur you should have the same goals and aspirations.

The Successful, Rich and the famous know all too well that their health is their wealth.

Let’s be honest what is the point of having billions in your bank account when you can’t enjoy that well deserved Ski holiday at the exclusive Courchevel 1850, France because you are unfit and suffering from chronic diseases robbing you of valuable time spend with your loved ones.

But don’t grab your car keys, water bottle, and sweat towel and rush off to the gym in a haze just yet!

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Gym owner, I speak of experience when I say, get your mindset ready before you sign-up or start any exercise regime.

As an individual you need to understand that the values you want to instill following an exercise program will not only be a physical thing, it is so much more!

f you are new to exercising, the gym can make or break you. You will more often feel you’ve been involved in a serious and unexpected car accident. The Good news is, it will get better!

Like most skills you had to learn to be successful in your industry, the same applies to exercise and like most skills mastered you will soon come to learn that daily workouts will keep you fit, confident, disciplined, stress free, mentally strong and rewards you with a strong work ethic that will overflow into your relationships, your mental well-being and your business focus.  

There’s truth the saying;  “Pain is a gift. Instead of avoiding it, embrace it, because without pain there is no growth “

Once you’ve learned to honor your body as your biggest asset, that will be the day you realize that your pain has turned into your power.

So Embrace this beautiful gift called life, treat your body with the utmost respect, nourish your body with the cleanest and purest of foods, utilize every muscle fiber and become the powerful force you were meant to be, be the very best version of yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically.

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