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Low-Carb Chocolate chip cookies

      Even though we enjoy a summer Christmas in South Africa, it’s still very much tradition to have your cookie tins filled for the holidays. One of my fondest childhood memories is of my grandmother, mother and aunties spending a full day baking different cookies in huge batches, weeks before Christmas.  The smell […]

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Egg and veggie patties

  If you need something brand new on the breakfast table then this recipe is just for you! Moist, not as eggy as you would think and unbelievably cheesy. It’s pack with veggies and you will love the subtle hint of chili. Although delicious eaten straight from the pan, do try them as a substitute to bread […]

Up your protein with this deliciously healthy egg rolls.

Protein is not just for bodybuilder’s, it is of utmost importance to any diet as it is used to build and repair muscle tissue. Off course athletes needs more protein in their diet than regular people as they break down muscle tissue at a faster rate due their intense workouts. Keep in mind though, not […]

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