Workout Programs

Need a workout program that will best fit your lifestyle, time schedule and your preference of working out in a gym, at home, or even in your hotel room? Let us help you achieve your goals by working smarter, not harder!

You’ve probably followed a few workout programs that you just couldn’t complete. Perhaps you’ve even questioned your abilities because you’ve failed before. Problem is, most workout programs out there are not designed according to your goals. No two people are the same, our lifestyles, goals, and needs are completely different.

Allow us to design a workout program that works for you

  • That suits your lifestyle, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, constantly traveling or have limited or no access to a gym facility.
  • That works within the time limits you have available, learn how to work smarter.
  • That’s completely enjoyable and includes some of your favorite exercises.
  • That’s well balanced and includes aerobic, strength, flexibility and core exercises.
  • That will benefit your daily activities or sports performance, why not improve your Golf Swing!
  • That’s uniquely designed for you to reach your goals.  


Get your plan today for only 

 R 350.00 for a 12-week program 

You will receive your password and login to access our fitness App. It is like having your very own Personal Trainer in your pocket.

  1. You can view and mark your workouts as complete which will keep your trainer informed of your progress at all times.
  2. Short demo videos will explain your exercise should you ever forget how to do a particular exercise.
  3. Track your progress by uploading pictures and measurements.


Invest in yourself and make this year, your best year yet!


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